rx is a modern and minimalist pixel editor.

rx is an extensible, modern and minimalist pixel editor, designed with great care and love for artists and hackers. It was conceived to have as little UI as possible, and instead focus on the work.


To achieve this, rx takes inspiration from vi's modal nature and is built around a command system, unique to tools of its kind.

get started

rx can be installed on Linux, macOS and Windows. See the install section for further details. If you'd prefer to download a pre-built binary, see the section on binary releases.



system requirements

rx currently supports Linux, macOS and Windows with OpenGL 3.3 or later.


The following is to install from source. If you'd like to download a pre-built binary, see the next section.

With cargo and cmake installed, run:

cargo install \
    --git https://github.com/cloudhead/rx \
    --tag v0.4.0

This will download the latest stable release of rx and install it under ~/.cargo/bin/rx. If you prefer a different install location, you can specify it via the --root <prefix> flag, where <prefix> is for example /usr/local.

On macOS, Xcode and the Xcode Command Line Tools are required. The latter can be obtained by running xcode-select --install. CMake can be installed with brew install cmake.

binary releases

At the moment, only Linux binaries are available.



This is an AppImage, a self-contained application. Before opening it, make it executable with chmod +x. You can then double-click it or execute it directly from your terminal.

Feel free to rename it to rx and move it to your PATH. To uninstall, simply delete the file.

support rx 💚

If you find this project useful, consider supporting it by donating Bitcoin to 1MpF7p9A8LJabZn7ehHpGbLcN5PCXRdGqm or by sponsoring the author on GitHub.


rx was created in 2019 by cloudhead and implemented in the rust programming language, using the rgx library by the same author.

rx is free software, licensed under the GPL. See the LICENSE file in the code repository for more details.

If you encounter a bug, please open an issue on the tracker, or send an email to rx@cloudhead.io.

© 2019 Alexis Sellier